Top 4 Picks – Our Favorites: The Best Japanese Water Boilers

Welcome to the mecca of useful information to help you make a decision in finding the best water boiler for you. We are dedicated to the adoption of Japanese kettles in the western world, evolving our society and disrupting the primitive use of stove-top pots for boiling water.  

Like with all big purchase decisions you need to be armed with the best information based on research, comparisons and reviews. With all of the functions, styles and features of the latest water boilers the decision can seem overwhelming.  

That is where Best Water Boilers comes in. We have done the hard work for you so you can rest assured that you will find the best water boiler, joining an enlightened elite few. We hope you find our information useful!

Below are Top 4 Best Water Boilers we recommend on the market today!

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Zojirushi 586361-CV-DCC40XT: The Best of the Best

What if you could have hot boiling water available to you at the touch of a button and at the right temperature every time? The Zojirushi 586361-CV-DCC40XT does exactly that. This water boiler by Zojirushi is one of the best water boilers available on the market today!

This water boiler includes four different keep warm temperature settings which work well different types of tea and coffee. The quick temperature mode heats the water directly to the chosen keep warm temperature without making having to reach an actual boil. The water boiler comes with a one-touch electric dispensing system that displays the actual water temperature at all times!


•   4 different keep warm temperature settings 160°F, 175°F, 195°F, 208°F

•    Dimensions: 8.8×11.1×13.9 inches.

•    Total weight: 7 pounds.

Quick Temp Mode:

The quick temp mode heats the water directly to the chosen keep warm temperature without actually making it reach a boil reducing the use of energy and excess steam.

Energy Saving timer function:

The timer function included in this water boiler helps to save energy by only boiling the water at a time set by you, not continuously re-boiling.

Automatic shut off function:

The water boiler includes a safety function which automatically shuts off the power of the heater in order to ward off the damage caused due to overheating.


•    Swivel base for convenience

•    Detachable lid

•    Easy to clean

•    Energy-saving timer function


•    Manual setting of the timer feature


The Zojirushi 586361-CV-DCC40XT is one of the best products designed by the company so far. All the features and specifications fulfill the needs of a perfect water boiler.  

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Zojirushi CD-WCC40 Micom Water Boiler: Great Bang for your Buck

The Zojirushi Micom water boiler and warmer is the best machine that you could buy to boil your water and brew your tea. This boiler comes with a micro computerized temperature control along with a one-touch electric dispensing system. The four different temperature settings make it easy for any person to operate.

The Zojirushi CD-WCC40 Micom Water Boiler is full of amazing features and specifications. Below are a few of them:


•    Dimensions: 11.2×8.2×13.5 inches

•    1350z/4.0 liters

•    Total weight: 6 pounds

•    Café drip dispensing mode for slower dispensing

•    Safety auto shut-off system

•    BPA-free design

•    DE Chlorinate and descaling mode

•    120 volts/700 watts.

This water boiler from Zojirushi promises more than just boiling water. There are precise temperature settings to suit any delicate tea or robust coffee. The different temperature settings of 160°F, 175°F, 195°F, 208°F can be used for many applications. The boiler also comes with an energy-saving timer function along with an easy-to-hear sound indicator to signal the completion of the boiling process.

Safety Auto Shut-off:

This boiler includes a safety auto shut-off feature which automatically shuts off the power to the heater in order to ward off any kind of damage due to overheating. The display shows the ‘HH’ sign to alert you to the activation of the automatic shut-off feature. Thus, this particular feature of this boiler makes sure that it is safe.

Automatic dispenser lock:

Another important safety feature that this boiler includes is the automatic dispenser lock. This safety feature has been added in order to prevent the hot water from spilling or dispensing when the dispense button is pressed accidentally. This feature gets deactivated when the unlock button is pressed. The automatic dispense lock turns back on after 10 seconds when no water is dispensed.

Spill Protection:

In-spout spill protection when tilted: A ball which is located within the spout closes the opening in order to ward off hot water from spilling when the boiler is tilted.

Magnetic power cord:

This water boiler comes with a magnetic power cord which detaches itself easily from the unit. This feature prevents the machine from being pulled off the shelf or the kitchen counter whenever the power cord is pulled off, thereby preventing all kinds of damages and hazards.


•    Micro computerized temperature control system

•    Strong fold-down handle that allows the unit to be transported easily

•    Swivel base for convenience

•    Energy-saving timer function

•    Café drip dispensing mode for a slower dispensing

•    Easy to clean nonstick interior


•    Lost time. I wish I would have bought this one year ago.


Overall, Zojirushi CD-WCC40 Micom Water Boiler is a great value, promising a number of unique features and easy use for all kinds of applications.

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Zojirushi CD-LFC50 Micom Water Boiler

How about getting a cup of hot boiling water with the single touch of a button at any time? Thanks to growing science and technology, everything today become easy than ever, including boiling water. Japanese water boilers are gaining huge popularity now in the west. Out of which, the Micom Water Boiler by Zojirushi has led the pack.

The Zojirushi CD-LFC50 Micom Water Boiler is a well-equipped water boiler which performs the task of boiling and keeping the water hot at the temperature set by you. The boiler inculcates four different temperature settings, all of which happen to be the optimal temperatures for brewing different kinds of tea. Featuring a number of other specifications, this water boiler is surely one of the best picks on the market!


•    4 different temperature settings 160°F, 175°F, 195°F and 208°F

•    One-touch electric dispensing system

•    Easy to read water level gauge

•    Dimensions: 11.9×9.1×13.1 inches

•    Weight: 6 pounds.

Technology that saves time and energy:

The boiler reaches the keep warm temperatures directly without actually reaching a boil. This setting of the boiler helps to save time and energy.

LCD Control Panel:

The gorgeous LCD control panel displays the actual water temperature at all times to provide you with an easy reference. At the same time, the LCD control panel helps to set the timer easily.

One-touch electric dispensing:

The one-touch electric dispensing system of this water boiler lets you dispense the water easily by pressing and holding the ‘dispense’ button.

Automatic Dispense-Lock:

The dispense lock prevents the unit from dispensing water unless the unlock button is pressed.


•    The interior of this water boiler is nonstick coated which helps to reduce the buildup of the scale and makes cleaning easy

•    A micro computerized temperature control system keeps the water at a chosen temperature

•    The dechlorinate feature reduces the level of chlorine and the odors of tap water, thereby giving the water a better taste

•    The café drip dispensing mode means you can use this in place of a traditional coffee maker


•    I didn’t buy one sooner


The Zojirushi CD-LFC50 Micom Water Boiler includes superior features and specifications making it a great value for the money!

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Panasonic NC-EG4000 Thermo Pot: Good but not quite a Zojirushi

The Panasonic NC-EG4000 Thermo Pot is a great pick for easily preparing up to a total of 4.0 liters of heated water. This piece by Panasonic is reliable and versatile in nature, making sure that all your needs and demands of boiling water are well met.

The Thermo Pot by Panasonic features a slow-drip mode used for making drip coffee. This pot also provides precise keep warm temperature settings 160°F, 175°F, 195°F, 208°F so you can enjoy teas of different kinds!


•    4.2 quarts capacity

•    Slow-drip mode

•    Push-button lid with wide opening for easy refill, front-facing touch buttons, LCD screen sets.

•    Sturdy design and loop handle for easy portability

•    Dimensions: 8.5×11.3×12.8 inches

•    Weight: 4.9 pounds


•    Four different temperature settings.

•    Detachable power cord with 360 degrees rotating base for easy access

•    Durable design

•    Dispenser safety locks for safe and reliable use


•    Aesthetics not as good as the Zojirushi boilers

Hot water whenever you need it:

The Panasonic NC-EG4000 Thermo Pot makes sure you have hot or boiling water whenever you need it. This electric kettle is very quick and easy in terms of its overall use. The different settings of the temperature are easy to understand.

Perfect for a cup of tea or coffee:

If you are a tea connoisseur and are looking for a perfect electric kettle to the Panasonic NC-EG4000 Thermo Pot is a top pick. Not only this, but you can also enjoy slow-drip coffee. Just place a cup under the dispenser, put the filtration in place, add coffee and press the slow drip button. This makes a cup of freshly brewed coffee every time!


Everything about Panasonic NC-EG4000 Thermo Pot is impressive. If you are looking for a cheaper option that still gets the job done this is the water boiler for you!

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How To Choose The Best Water Boiler

How to choose the best water boiler?

Electric water boiler has become a need in our time strapped era, especially in the places like offices and large working institutions. Water boilers are being used at homes as well, thanks to their easy to use nature and safety qualities. But before you buy any water boiler from the market, there are a few things that you must always keep in mind.

Here is how to choose the best water boiler for your home/office:

1.    Speed:

The best thing about picking up a water boiler over an electric kettle is the speed. Water boilers boil water more quickly than any primitive ways of boiling water and this is why they are gaining huge popularity. Since water boilers are made available in different speeds, you must look out for the boiler that has the reputation of being really fast. Most numbers of water boilers take a maximum of 90 seconds in boiling the water depending on the amount of water.

2.    Temperature options:

If you are a tea connoisseur, you must also look for another thing apart from speed while buying a water boiler – precision. Different kinds of tea taste the best when they are brewed at a different temperature. Thus, the more choices of the temperatures, the better opportunities of brewing the perfect cup of tea.

3.    Cost:

A very basic water boiler with limited to no features could cost you as little as $25. On the contrary, if you are wanting to buy a water boiler which is high in terms of quality and functions, the cost may reach up to a total of $300. Like with anything else you usually get what you pay for. The $25 water boiler you can pick up at Wal-Mart will rust easy, give you 0 features and you will find yourself frustrated for not making the proper up-front investment.

4.    Size:

Size is yet another aspect that you must consider while buying a water boiler for your home or office. If you are buying an electric water boiler for your home, you can go for a smaller sized water boiler, however, for the office, the size should be comparatively large. Size will also come down to how much boiled water you typically consume throughout the day.

5.    Ease of use:

One of the most important factors that you must consider while choosing a water boiler is its ease in terms of the use. Your water boiler must not be a complex machine so as to keep you confused throughout its use, on the contrary, all the functions of the water boiler that you are buying must be easy to understand and use.

6.    Durability:

For any product having electric components and features, durability always serves as a matter of concern. You do not want to spend a lot of money on something which is not durable. Thus, you must always consider the durability of the product before picking the right one. For this purpose, it is always suggested to go for the high-quality and branded water boilers.

Keep the above-listed tips in your mind before you pick the water boiler for your home/office. Enjoy sipping the hot water/tea from your new water boiler! 1

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Benefits of Water Boilers

Benefits of Water Boilers

A number of offices, schools as well as staff rooms are the areas where the need for maintaining a water boiler has become very popular. Water boilers are designed using such technology that they deliver hot water directly anytime you need. Thus, there is no need to wait for a kettle to boil or encounter any kind of unnecessary energy expenditures as you begin to brew your perfect cup of tea.

Today, water boilers have become very popular and this is the reason manufacturers have made them available in all different shapes, sizes, designs, styles, etc. Following are the benefits of water boilers.

1.    Energy Efficiency:

Water boilers are very energy efficient in nature. Stove-top kettles or microwaves waste a great amount of energy when used repeatedly for boiling water, on the other hand, water boilers are more energy efficient, particularly for the eco-conscious offices and homes. Thus, they are the best option to be used in workplaces and institutions to prevent consuming unnecessary energy.

2.    On-tap Boiling Water:

Having boiling water ready at the press of a button makes life much easier. By using a water boiler, people can easily leverage this for making tea or other hot beverages, providing a limitless stream of hot boiling water on demand.

3.    Instant hot water:

Water boilers give the convenience of instant hot water. Thus, the users aren’t required to wait for an extra few minutes for a kettle to a boiler.

4.    Safety:

One of the greatest advantages of using water boilers is that they are very safe and easy in terms of their use. This factor makes them suitable in any environment where children are present or people have problems in terms of mobility.

Health and safety are considered as an utmost priority for anybody. Pouring water from a traditional kettle might create a problem for some people as there are chances of spilling and they might hurt themselves. Water boilers, on the other hand, are very safe in terms of their use. The hot water from the boiler is not likely to cause accidental injury during its use.

5.    Sanitized water:

Another great advantage of using a water boiler is that the water inside the boiler is sanitized. The water boiler system through boiling the water removes all kinds of bacteria, impurities and odor. Thus, the impure water is sanitized and it becomes pure and safe in terms of drinking and other uses.

Water boilers are one breakthrough invention in terms of the technology which are not only efficient in terms of their use, but also provide various other advantages to the users. A number of brands have started manufacturing and selling them. It’s your turn to buy one now.

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