Panasonic NC-EG4000 Thermo Pot: Good but not quite a Zojirushi

The Panasonic NC-EG4000 Thermo Pot is a great pick for easily preparing up to a total of 4.0 liters of heated water. This piece by Panasonic is reliable and versatile in nature, making sure that all your needs and demands of boiling water are well met.

The Thermo Pot by Panasonic features a slow-drip mode used for making drip coffee. This pot also provides precise keep warm temperature settings 160°F, 175°F, 195°F, 208°F so you can enjoy teas of different kinds!


•    4.2 quarts capacity

•    Slow-drip mode

•    Push-button lid with wide opening for easy refill, front-facing touch buttons, LCD screen sets.

•    Sturdy design and loop handle for easy portability

•    Dimensions: 8.5×11.3×12.8 inches

•    Weight: 4.9 pounds


•    Four different temperature settings.

•    Detachable power cord with 360 degrees rotating base for easy access

•    Durable design

•    Dispenser safety locks for safe and reliable use


•    Aesthetics not as good as the Zojirushi boilers

Hot water whenever you need it:

The Panasonic NC-EG4000 Thermo Pot makes sure you have hot or boiling water whenever you need it. This electric kettle is very quick and easy in terms of its overall use. The different settings of the temperature are easy to understand.

Perfect for a cup of tea or coffee:

If you are a tea connoisseur and are looking for a perfect electric kettle to the Panasonic NC-EG4000 Thermo Pot is a top pick. Not only this, but you can also enjoy slow-drip coffee. Just place a cup under the dispenser, put the filtration in place, add coffee and press the slow drip button. This makes a cup of freshly brewed coffee every time!


Everything about Panasonic NC-EG4000 Thermo Pot is impressive. If you are looking for a cheaper option that still gets the job done this is the water boiler for you!

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