Zojirushi CD-LFC50 Micom Water Boiler

How about getting a cup of hot boiling water with the single touch of a button at any time? Thanks to growing science and technology, everything today become easy than ever, including boiling water. Japanese water boilers are gaining huge popularity now in the west. Out of which, the Micom Water Boiler by Zojirushi has led the pack.

The Zojirushi CD-LFC50 Micom Water Boiler is a well-equipped water boiler which performs the task of boiling and keeping the water hot at the temperature set by you. The boiler inculcates four different temperature settings, all of which happen to be the optimal temperatures for brewing different kinds of tea. Featuring a number of other specifications, this water boiler is surely one of the best picks on the market!


•    4 different temperature settings 160°F, 175°F, 195°F and 208°F

•    One-touch electric dispensing system

•    Easy to read water level gauge

•    Dimensions: 11.9×9.1×13.1 inches

•    Weight: 6 pounds.

Technology that saves time and energy:

The boiler reaches the keep warm temperatures directly without actually reaching a boil. This setting of the boiler helps to save time and energy.

LCD Control Panel:

The gorgeous LCD control panel displays the actual water temperature at all times to provide you with an easy reference. At the same time, the LCD control panel helps to set the timer easily.

One-touch electric dispensing:

The one-touch electric dispensing system of this water boiler lets you dispense the water easily by pressing and holding the ‘dispense’ button.

Automatic Dispense-Lock:

The dispense lock prevents the unit from dispensing water unless the unlock button is pressed.


•    The interior of this water boiler is nonstick coated which helps to reduce the buildup of the scale and makes cleaning easy

•    A micro computerized temperature control system keeps the water at a chosen temperature

•    The dechlorinate feature reduces the level of chlorine and the odors of tap water, thereby giving the water a better taste

•    The café drip dispensing mode means you can use this in place of a traditional coffee maker


•    I didn’t buy one sooner


The Zojirushi CD-LFC50 Micom Water Boiler includes superior features and specifications making it a great value for the money!

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