Zojirushi CD-WCC40 Micom Water Boiler: Great Bang for your Buck

The Zojirushi Micom water boiler and warmer is the best machine that you could buy to boil your water and brew your tea. This boiler comes with a micro computerized temperature control along with a one-touch electric dispensing system. The four different temperature settings make it easy for any person to operate.

The Zojirushi CD-WCC40 Micom Water Boiler is full of amazing features and specifications. Below are a few of them:


•    Dimensions: 11.2×8.2×13.5 inches

•    1350z/4.0 liters

•    Total weight: 6 pounds

•    Café drip dispensing mode for slower dispensing

•    Safety auto shut-off system

•    BPA-free design

•    DE Chlorinate and descaling mode

•    120 volts/700 watts.

This water boiler from Zojirushi promises more than just boiling water. There are precise temperature settings to suit any delicate tea or robust coffee. The different temperature settings of 160°F, 175°F, 195°F, 208°F can be used for many applications. The boiler also comes with an energy-saving timer function along with an easy-to-hear sound indicator to signal the completion of the boiling process.

Safety Auto Shut-off:

This boiler includes a safety auto shut-off feature which automatically shuts off the power to the heater in order to ward off any kind of damage due to overheating. The display shows the ‘HH’ sign to alert you to the activation of the automatic shut-off feature. Thus, this particular feature of this boiler makes sure that it is safe.

Automatic dispenser lock:

Another important safety feature that this boiler includes is the automatic dispenser lock. This safety feature has been added in order to prevent the hot water from spilling or dispensing when the dispense button is pressed accidentally. This feature gets deactivated when the unlock button is pressed. The automatic dispense lock turns back on after 10 seconds when no water is dispensed.

Spill Protection:

In-spout spill protection when tilted: A ball which is located within the spout closes the opening in order to ward off hot water from spilling when the boiler is tilted.

Magnetic power cord:

This water boiler comes with a magnetic power cord which detaches itself easily from the unit. This feature prevents the machine from being pulled off the shelf or the kitchen counter whenever the power cord is pulled off, thereby preventing all kinds of damages and hazards.


•    Micro computerized temperature control system

•    Strong fold-down handle that allows the unit to be transported easily

•    Swivel base for convenience

•    Energy-saving timer function

•    Café drip dispensing mode for a slower dispensing

•    Easy to clean nonstick interior


•    Lost time. I wish I would have bought this one year ago.


Overall, Zojirushi CD-WCC40 Micom Water Boiler is a great value, promising a number of unique features and easy use for all kinds of applications.

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